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When it comes to the installation of any irrigation system, it’s important to start with accurate trenching and boring services. One mistake in this area can turn your potential exotic water feature into a costly fiasco with a less than experienced company.

With Lowe Irrigation, Inc., our 30 plus years of experience erases all doubt and gives you confidence in our company’s ability to do the job right – mistake free. Cutting or disturbing power lines is a common nightmare that can occur with others but with us, you have our service guarantee.

We can bore on sideways and sidewalks up to four inches, and our tried and true trench location techniques are accurate and effectively designed to best suit your landscape. At Lowe Irrigation, Inc., speed, accuracy and superior quality work are our guarantees to you. Call our office today at 706-769-5907 or e-mail us for an appointment. We also issue online quotes with the completion of a short form.