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Lowe Irrigation, Inc., is the right company to provide the relaxing feel of a waterfall in your back yard or quality lighting throughout your landscape. One call to us can transform your landscape from mere grass and trees to a tropical escape a few feet from your home or business. Our services include:

• Water features include:
• Pondless Waterfalls
• Fountain Scapes
• Eco System Pond
• Lighting
• Low Voltage Lighting
• Trees Lighting
• Yard Lighting
• Illuminated Pathways

And much more . . .
We are highly experienced at installing, maintaining and repairing all manner of water features including security and aesthetic lighting to traditional style bird baths and retention ponds. Whatever your imagination can produce, we can install. Call us now at 706-769-5907 and don’t delay your landscape dreams any longer. Feel free to e-mail us questions or visit our FAQ page for immediate answers. Online quotes or estimates are also available.